Byrne & Schaefer Logo Byrne & Schaefer, Inc. - a premier manufacturer of industrial grade electrical components and assemblies


Byrne & Schaefer designs and builds industrial grade electrical components and assemblies, including custom and obsolete parts, faster than any other company, period.

When your industrial automation is down due to a component such as a failed resistor, it can cost your company hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars a day. If it’s not a stock part, it could be months before you can get a replacement.

That’s where Byrne & Schaefer can save you weeks or even months of downtime. You may not have heard of us, but our products are used by some of the largest industrial corporations in the world, across the US and on every continent except Antarctica.

We are nimble enough to quickly design and manufacture critical electrical components:

  • Wire wound or coil resistors
  • Filter resistors
  • Special power filter assemblies
  • Power management units
  • Load banks
  • Transit and industrial cab heaters
  • Other custom parts and assemblies

Call us today at 815-727-5000 to discuss how we can help solve your critical electrical needs.