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Products and services for industry and transit

Byrne & Schaefer has designed and manufactured thousands of industrial solutions requiring creativity, ingenuity, and electrical expertise. Our constant innovation to meet the changing needs of our customers has resulted in a number product lines.

Wirewound and coil resistors: Byrne & Schaefer manufactures wirewound and coil resistors for industry and transportation. Our resistors are used in industrial automation, cranes and hoists, railway cars, and countless other applications.

Filter resistors: We can provide a wide range of filter resistors, including high- and low- voltage and current resistors, including units with special requirements, such as:
  • High or low reactance
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Unusual and/or adjustable resistance values
Special power filter assemblies: We have deep experience in the design and manufacture of power filters, such as component specifications, insulation requirements and physical and electrical arrangement.

Power management units: Our power management units provide customized protection and socket-by-socket failover for heavy duty needs that ordinary surge protectors can't provide.

Load banks: Byrne & Schaefer specializes in custom load banks for AC and DC applications at almost any voltage and current combination, with or without load stepping, for any environment.  We have made sealed units for dangerous air conditions such as paper dust, units for military use in a jungle environment, and adjustable DC units for up to 10,000V.

Transit and industrial cab heaters: We manufacture crane cab and industrial heaters for AC and DC applications with operating voltages from 60VDC to 250VDC and 110VAC to 690VAC, and  wattages from 1KW to 12KW.  We also make locally- or remote-controlled rapid transit cab heaters from 500W to 3000W with a wide range of operating and control voltages.

Custom testing machines: Byrne & Schaefer has produced unique solutions to automate some of the most challenging testing needs for products such as switches and other electrical components.

Custom parts and assemblies:
Do you have an obsolete or hard-to-find part? Call on our generations of experience and deep industrial contacts to help you out.

Wirewound resistor

Load bank

Automated switch testing units

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